Social Signals and it’s impact for SEO and Search engine rankings in 2014 – infographic

So what are these social signals? If you are  a SEO consultant or someone in SEO game, by now, you should have realised the significance of Social Signals for SEO.

Social signal are simply the links from social websites. However not all social websites are counted as bases for  Social signals. If you create a link from Digg or similar Social bookmarking sites, those links are counted as back links. Therefore here are the list of powerful social signals can be help to improve your rankings. However Google keep saying they never give any advantage for links coming from social sites.

What are the social Signals. 

  • Facebook shares
  • Facebook Likes
  • Tweets
  • Re-Tweets
  • Google Plus Likes
  • Google Plus Shares.
  • + Links form other popular Social networking Sites

Below Infographic is a great proof and detailed guide to Social Signals and it’s impact for the SEO in 2014.

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Pros and Cons of Social Signals


  • Fastest way to get your Google page rank and Higher search traffic.
  • No need to spend big money, as long as you produce good content.


  • It is a temporary solution, You will loose your ranking as soon as your website stop getting social signals. Therefore you have to keep pumping Social Signals to your site.

Tip! Be careful, always use the correct way of sharing your content on Social networks. There are so many ways you can generate traffic from social networks. Using Facebook Ads can be a more effective and white hat method to get signals from social sites. There are some other ways too, But I’m not going to mention them here. As sooner or later Google will track Signals coming from Bots and penalised websites soon.