Five SEO Techniques That Are Going to knock down Your Site

As the Google programmers continue to become more and more leery to the clever keyword usage that give SEO experts an edge on those rankings, it becomes more difficult to trick the system. Many common techniques that seem legitimate might actually be hurting your website’s exposure. Here are a few SEO tips to help you to get yourself back at the top of those search engine rankings.

Overuse of Guest Bloggers

Nothing will fuck up your rankings faster than putting all of your eggs into the guest bloggers basket. When SEO consultants began advising that keywords should be used here as often as possible, many websites began to spam their blogs with phony posts stuffed with keywords. Needless to say, when Google caught on, it began to highly scrutinise guest blogs in their algorithm.

Content is your most important tool

While links may be of great benefit to acquiring hits for your site, it is important to remember that your content is what the Google algorithm weighs most heavily in its rankings. Many studies have shown that link backing is, in the long term, mathematically inefficient at generating a high DA score.

Keyword stuffing

This one should be obvious. It seems that many beginner web page designers are still making the oldest mistake in the SEO book. The best way to use keywords in your content is to distribute them evenly and make sure that they are relevant to the content that is surrounding them. For example, you wouldn’t want to repeatedly use the phrase “deep sea diving” on a page that is about how to cook a steak.

Links Are Complex

When it comes to links and how Google uses them to determine your websites relevance with respect to other websites, the thing to keep in mind is that the quality is always more important than quantity. Consider the traffic source of the links that connect to your site and how the SEO quality of those sites fares with respect to yours. If you find that you have dead links or links from sites with little traffic, they may be hurting you more than they are helping.

Don’t Use Optimised Anchors

Hold on a minute, what are optimised anchors? The idea behind optimised anchors is that you can post a link to another one of your pages that utilises its own set of keywords that are then shared with your host page. Google does not incorporate anchored text into its algorithm.