SEO Starter Guide and Feed the Bot

These days many traditional and new marketing guys are trying to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Most people ask me how I got to know all these SEO secrets.   First things first, There are no secrets in SEO, It’s all about update your knowledge when Google algorithm changes. My first advice is downloading Googles Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Google always update this SEO starter guide.   This is the table of content of the Google SEO starter guide.

SEO Basics

Create unique, accurate page titles

Make use of the “description” meta tag

Improving Site Structure

Improve the structure of your URLs

Make your site easier to navigate

Optimizing Content

Offer quality content and services

Write better anchor text

Optimize your use of images

Use heading tags appropriately

Dealing with Crawlers

Make effective use of robots.txt

Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links

SEO for Mobile Phones

Notify Google of mobile sites

Guide mobile users accurately

Promotions and Analysis

Promote your website in the right ways

This book comes with small but very useful Tips. Here are some of my favorites

  • For navigation, the focus should be on simplicity and ease of use!
  • Improving content and services should be a priority, regardless of the type of website!
  • Both users and search engines like anchor text that is easy to understand!
  • Learn how to optimize images on your site!
  • Make sure your mobile site is properly recognized by Google so that searchers can find it.
  • If you think reading is not for you. Use this is the Single and most comprehensive tool to see your website is following Google Webmaster guidelines or not.