Don Hesh - 

Google Ads Consultant 

Google Ads can be a complicated beast. However, it is also an incredibly powerful tool when harnessed correctly. No matter if you’re just starting out or looking to get the most out of your existing Google Ads account and campaigns, I can help you achieve your goals.

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Works good and so everyone can create a nice looking landing page without coding!


Works good and so everyone can create a nice looking landing page without coding!


Works good and so everyone can create a nice looking landing page without coding!


Works good and so everyone can create a nice looking landing page without coding!


Who am I ?

As an experienced Google Ads consultant, I specialise in formulating and putting into action effective strategies to deliver exceptional paid search advertising results. Your business’ success is my number one focus. Whether you’re seeking to direct more qualified traffic and leads to your website, lower your cost of conversions or a complete, end-to-end account manager, I can develop and implement a strategy to help your business succeed.  

I can help grow your sales for less money

Every business wants more sales, but not by spending more money on advertising that costs more than the revenue uplift it delivers. A positive return on investment (ROI) is essential for every ad campaign. Google Ad consultants use many tools and techniques to optimise your Google Ads account and campaigns to drive an improved ROI from your ad spend. 

Clicks, impressions and other vanity measures mean nothing unless your business is making more money. I am upfront and transparent about how I work. If I don’t think your Google Ads will be profitable, I’ll let you know and we can work on an alternative strategy to grow your business online.

Why choose me to be your Google Ads consultant?

Thorough keyword research

There’s little point paying for visitors that aren’t aligned with what your business is offering. Researching and selecting the right search keywords to target is essential to driving relevant traffic and more paying customers to your website.

I analyse your landing pages

Your landing pages are essential to maximising your sales and conversions. I will audit and analyse your website periodically to see if anything needs to be tweaked or changed to optimise the conversion rate of your paid traffic.

I’ll set up or restructure your account

Setting your Google Ads account up for success is critical. I’ll restructure your current account or set up your new account to ensure ongoing adherence with industry best practice, maximising your conversions and ad spend efficiency.

Account management and campaign optimisation

I will review your account, campaigns and bids regularly to ensure your account is producing the best results possible. As a Google Ads consultant, I use data to drive meaningful insights that are then implemented to optimise the performance of your account by improving your ROI.

A relentless focus on your business objectives

Your business’ success is in front of mind. We will identify your objectives, and I will formulate a strategy that directly targets them to ensure lasting profitability and campaign sustainability.

Full transparency and reporting

You’ll know how your Google Ads account is performing at all times. I’ll tell you what I expect to achieve from the get-go, and how we are tracking towards it with frequent reporting and insights.

How do we get started?

Step 1: Free Consultation & Strategy Call

Let me know what you’re looking for or hoping to achieve. Not sure? I’ll take a look at your website, business and industry and let you know how I can help. We’ll discuss your current approach to Google Ads, and I’ll give you some essential tips to improve your process. Once we’re on the same page and you understand what I’ll be looking to implement, we can discuss and finalise pricing, proceeding to the next step when you’re delighted and ready to do so.

Step 2: In-depth Research and Google Ads Account Audit

If your business is new to Google Ads, I’ll conduct thorough research and advise on a tailored strategy to optimise the conversions produced from your ad spend. If you already have an Ads account, I will analyse your current setup and give you meaningful tips and steps to implement for improvement.

Step 3: I’ll Put the Strategy to Work

When we’ve discussed the insights from the analysis, I’ll start implementing the recommendations into your Google Ads account. Typical strategies will include analytics tracking, optimisation general account structure and campaign tweaking.

Step 4: Monitoring and Ongoing Optimisation

Throughout the time we work together, I will consistently monitor the performance of your Ads account and campaigns. As data is collected, I will make changes to increase the effectiveness of the implemented strategies when opportunities arise.

Step 5: Comprehensive Reporting

You’ll be kept in the loop with full transparency. I will provide you with monthly reports so you can see exactly where improvements are being made to your Google Ads account. I’ll explain any questions you may have and adjust as need be.

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