Our quick guide to SEO tips and tricks.

  • Proper Keyword Research is most important for driving traffic.
  • Think beyond I mean planning for long time business, so stay away from black hat method or quick one.
  • Tittle of the Blog Post should be decided after using Google Keyword Planner.
  • Don’t forget to write in depth details content for long time traffic from search engines.
  • Promote your each and every Blog Post, Killer away, I mean use Facebook and other social medias like Redit, Stumble Upon etc.
  • Start building links from top websites or blogs, refer my blog post for building real high quality links for blog.
  • Write Details URL Structure for the blog post.

High Quality Link Backlinks Guide

  • Comment on top Blogs on your Niche but with a schedule from 5 to 10 quality comments daily.
  • Create Profile on Pinterest , Twitter, TED, Bubblews like websites, those allow you to add your website.
  • Write quality blog posts on top blogs
  • Buy old domain name those having ton of backlinks.
  • Use Question and Answers website for building backlinks but don’t spam.
  • Use document sharing website like slide share .net, docstoc , scribd etc.
  • Write quality articles always for getting black link naturally but it is really hard to get in the beginning.
  • Create videos on hot topics and share on YouTube and let your blog URL, in the description part.

SEO Tools to Used for Better SEO

  • All in one use Google webmaster Tool.
  • Install Google Analytics to measure traffic flow of your blog.
  • Use for checking competitor backlinks.
  • org you can also use for checking competitors backlinks.
  • Use Google Keyword Planner for Keyword search