Why do you need a Social media calendar


Yes, you can’t ignore it any more. Social Media. the simple two words can increase your sales from 200%. So why you need a Social media calender? Here is a new infographic from My  mate, Neil Patel. He is one of the crazy SEO and Social media gurus in the world. According to him 75% marketers seen increase in their web traffic after spending around 6 hours per day on Social Media. However, In my opinion Social media is not for B2B businesses, If you are targeting consumers directly social media can me a gold Chanel to get new sales.

Facebook is keep changing their algorithm to increase the Facebook Ads revenue. However It is a still cheaper way to get more sales than using Google AdWords. I hope below infographic will help you to create your Social Media Calender and streamline social media marketing campaign.

Why You Need a Social Media Calendar and How to Create One

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout