Google ranking factors – Part 01


Know the Google ranking factors – Part 01

I have been doing SEO for more than 10 years now. Every time when some client have a chat with me, they ask Why my competitors site on Page one and How to get to google’s page one?

Sometimes I get angry when someone ask for the most changing answer of the world. According to Google there are more than 200 Google ranking factors. However the effectiveness of each factor is changing everyday. So here are the 20 main Google ranking factors that never change over time.

01. The Content

you need to have a content to rank a webpage, The more content is valuable to the reader the more chance you have Google spiders seen your website for relevant keyword.

02. Page Speed

Your Website needs to load under 4 seconds, It doesn’t matter your website content is the best one available if it’s not loading under 4 seconds.

Here is my article about How to increase WordPress page speed

03. User experience

You need to see your website is easy to user and place the links and buttons in right place where people can easily use them when they wanted to.

04. Inbound Link

How many good websites linking to your website? You need to get links from higher page rank websites. don’t pay for links. If you get paid links Google will find out it. therefore make valuable content where people organically link to you.

05. On page optimization

Having the keyword on the Tittle and inside the content is important. you don’t need to worry about meta description, because now Google generate the meta description from your  content. However having the keyword on the content is important to generate meta description.

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