WordPress Plugins to increase Google Page Loading Speed

Page speed is one of the main elements of Google’s algorithm. If your website getting more time to load, you are likely to rank lower in Google Search Results.

How do I check my site Speed?

There are so many websites to check your site speed, however I recommend Googles Page speed insights
This Tool gives a detailed analysis of your website for both Mobile and desktop browsers.
Eventually every WordPress site gets three common errors from this report. These errors are,
Leverage browser caching
Optimize images
Enable compression

All together these errors reduce your Page speed by 30%. So how to get this speed back without any coding?

Yes, there are plugins for all these errors. You can install these plugins and start gaining 30% page speed immediately. All three plugins are FREE to use.
Page Speed Error: Leverage browser caching
Plugin Name: Leverage Browser Caching Ninjas
Plugin Download Link:

Page Speed Error: Optimize images
Plugin Name: Prizm Image
Plugin Download Link:

Page Speed Error: Enable compression
Plugin Name: GZip Ninja Speed Compression
Plugin Download Link:

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