Why should Small Businesses use Google AdWords instead of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It is certain that search marketing is here to stay and Google holds the monopoly of the search market being the world number one search engine.  There are only two options available to anyone who’s looking for search marketing.

  1. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  2. Google Adwords

Before I mention why small businesses should use Google AdWords, I will explain why they shouldn’t do Search engine optimisation (SEO).

Getting higher rank in Google organic search results for relevant keyword is called Search engine optimization (SEO).  Google determine which search results should come to first page by considering more than 200 algorithms. These algorithms are changing frequently and it is very costly to keep up with the changes.  As an example, around 2002 to 2006 Google put higher ranking on sites with more inbound links (Back Links), therefore every website owner starts to get much links as possible and some people paid for link farms to get many links as possible. However with Googles recent update to search algorithm they don’t care about the inbound links anymore and they blacklisted the websites with too many irrelevant inbound links. These days Google give high priority to websites with Good content and higher user experience. When it’s come to user experience they look for page Speed, Graphics and the quality of the content. Therefore it is very hard for small businesses to satisfy all these requirements with low budget, especially when big competitors are spending big dollars.

Why Google AdWords is the solution?

The main beauty of Google AdWords is, you only spend money for ads people click, Known as PPC (Pay Per Click). There are no hidden fees, No scams.  And you have full control of your budget.  Many of my Google Adwords clients are love the fact when it’s come to controlling their budget.

I just did a Google Search on “Dentist” and found that more than 68% of the visible search results are coming from Google AdWords. Only 4 organic search results are visible without scrolling. Therefore it is obvious that spending money on Search engine optimization isn’t the best method for any business.

68% of Search Results are coming form Google Adwords
68% of Search Results are coming form Google Adwords

Other good thing about Google AdWord is, it’s instant. You don’t have to wait months or years waiting, until your website appear higher in Google search results. As soon as you set up the Google AdWord campaign you are ready to go, and you can start receiving sales. Most importantly, now you can target your audience by geographical location, age, sex and interest base.

Some people argued, organic search results are getting more clicks. However I think it’s a thing of a past. Now people know that, all the Ads are relevant to their search term.

If you want to start Google AdWord Campaign, Please see my article about Google AdWords for Dummies or  If you looking for a Google Adwords Consultant to set up your campaign. Please click here

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