How to Minify CSS and Minify JavaScript on your WordPress site in five minute

Page Speed is one of the major facts on SEO these days. Especially when it’s come to WordPress websites, most developers and site owners find hard to speed up the web sites according to Googles Page speed insight recommendation. Earlier I wrote an article about How to Leverage browser caching and Enable compression using two simple plugins. If you want you can read this article here. After you fixed Caching and compress issues, next two big issues you have to face is Minify CSS and Minify JavaScript. This is something plugin can’t fixed, most of the times. However, Google has a quick fixed for these issues and many more issues with your site. It’s called PageSpeed Insights Browser Extensions; you can install this extension to your Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. This extension will help you to identify all the loading speed issues on your WordPress website.

How to Minify CSS and Minify JavaScript ?

Just follow these steps.

  1. Install PageSpeed Insights Browser Extensions
  2. Go to your website
  3. Open the extension
  5. Click Minify JavaScript on the left sidebarMinify JavaScriptMinify JavaScript
  6. Then you can download the optimized JavaScript file already prepared by Google extension.
  7. Just overwrite the file with the new file
  8. You’re done!

If you should have any question regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask by leaving a comment.

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