How to find your competitors Google AdWords Performances using Auction insights report

Yes, it is possible to generate a report showing the performance of your competitors Google AdWord. Most Google AdWords Consultants never show this report unless you’re on top.

The report name is Auction insights report. You can easily generate this report by going to your Google AdWords campaign and following below steps.

How to generate Google Adwords Auction Insight Report
How to generate Google Adwords Auction Insight Report

What is Auction report and why is it important?

Auction insights reports shows the percentage of your impressions (How many times you’re Ad is showed in Google) comparing to your competitors impressions for the same keywords.

Sample Auction Insight Report
Sample Auction Insight Report

If your Ads not sharing at least 25% of impressions. It’s time to contact experienced AdWord Consultant or change your AdWords Agency. However here is one of my clients Auction Insights Report.

As you can see, my client shares the 63.37% of all impressions. We are competing with big banks and Big marketing budgets, however with my experience and constant optimisation; I managed to put all the Banks and Big companies out of the water.

How you can get the same results?

Most companies and small businesses in Australia spend thousands of dollars thinking, they know it better. However you need to do only two things. One is a “Do” and other one is a “Don’t”.

Do: Research your keywords

This is the hardest part, Keyword research required more experience, Business knowledge and common sense. I always get in to customers boots and think, “What would they type to search for my products or services?” and I create a list of every possible keyword.

Don’t: Never Ever use Broad match for keywords

Yes, you can use Board match, if your company got million dollar marketing budget. I will give you an example, why I never using Board match. In 2010 I configured a campaign for an Invoice Factoring company and I use keyword “Factoring Australia” in Board match. After few days I realised that, our Ads appears when people search for “Xfactor Australia”. So, now you can imagine how much money you can lose by using Board Match keywords.

I’m not saying. Board Match is just a Scam, there are situations you have to use board match, like Brand awareness campaigns. However, if you running small business and need high ROI, you shouldn’t use Board Match.

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