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Why You Should Use Google AdWords - By AdWords Consultant Sydney

For many marketers and online businesses, they will all agree that there are plenty of reasons on why you should be using Google Adwords for part of your marketing efforts. However, for those just getting started they might not even know why, or what Google Adwords can do for them. For that reason, we wanted to create some useful tips for our readers to better guide you on why you should be using this PPC marketing approach when wanting to increase your overall sales volume.

Reason Number 1: Google Adwords is scalable on helping you to increase your ability to find more leads, but without doing a ton of extra work to locate them. What that actually means, is you can set your Adwords campaign at a profitable rate, according to your own tracking results, and thus be able to watch your leads and profits to increase accordingly. With this approach it does make using Adwords highly profitable for businesses who are seeking a lot of leads, in a short amount of time.

Reason Number 2: Using the Google Adwords PPC is more measurable than some other advertising methods can be. When looking at wanting to be able to measure your campaigns, Google Adwords makes it very easy with their tools to drill deep down into what is working within your campaigns that is boosting sales volume, and what isn’t working. With that said, the ROI you could obtain simply by using all these transparent tools, can make it a more cost effective approach for many online businesses, and their marketing efforts.

Reason Number 3: Unlike other marketing platforms, setting up the Adwords campaigns are very flexible. The user has the ability to customize their campaigns and their targeted adds to only include their own niche audiences. In addition, taking the time to use the specific keyword match option, can help to narrow down the amount of times your add will be wasted on viewers not typically inside your own niche group. This means using this type of PPC marketing can make it more focused on having the tools to locate buyers, on those keywords, better than simply relying on SEO efforts, which at times could be a hit or miss gamble.

Reason Number 4: Using Adwords Can be a faster approach than the normal SEO route. When using SEO methods, the results can often take many months to achieve. However, setting up a campaign, can often help you to start to see clicks, and visitors sometimes within a matter of hours after it has gone live.

Reason Number 5: With that said, typically using SEO methods can be very hard to set up and maintain, especially for those who have never used this type of approach before. However, using the PPC approach such as Adwords, can often help even a newbie learn the entire process, and apply it with success. In addition, learning all about Adwords, can be accomplished simply by visiting their learning center. While we have only listed 5 reasons here on why using the Google Adwords, can prove to be very beneficial, you certainly don’t have to take our word for it. Take the time, and research how the SERPS themselves even rank PPC adds over many of the organic search results.

In addition, some of the formats that can be used with Adwords campaigns, can even appear to be more organic to the visitor, especially with all the new ways that Google is now presenting their advertisers products, and services. With that said, often times marketers are now seeing that more of their traffic that is coming from their PPC marketing campaigns, also seem to convert into more sales than the typical organic traffic had been doing for them. Especially one beneficial aspect to setting up the Google Adwords campaigns, is the ability to set up tracking cookies for the visitors to help you with how your traffic is converting. Keep in mind that this is not a option you can do with organic visitor traffic. When it comes to the many reasons on why Google Adwords seems to be beneficial, it makes perfect sense to then consider taking another closer look at using Google Adwords. In addition, we hope that after reading our article on this topic, that it has sparked a interest for you to set up your first campaign. Finally, while you shouldn’t only stick to one approach for gaining leads and traffic, you should also not close the door to using as many successful methods to help increase your sales volume such as the Google Adwords approach. Increase your Google AdWords Traffic by 200%

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